Our Services

Company Ideals

As a company we believe that our rubber stamps can make your job a lot easier and as a company we try to do that for you as well. You can order your very own stamp and it can be done in a few hours. We also do deliveries all over Malta and Gozo to further our client’s satisfaction.

Proffesionalism at heart

Why choose us

Our company has quality and professionalism at heart. We are a family-owned company with a vast amount of experience in the business. From generation to the next we seek to provide our clients with services that are efficient as well as wide, targeting all the needs that our clients might have. We will offer you a free quotation so that you have all the information you need before you commit to a stamp.

Printing Services

We provide our clients with printing jobs done on stationery items. This goes hand in hand with our aim to provide you with a workspace that is injected with professionalism first and foremost. Our printing is efficient and we ensure that you are not left waiting but instead we will get it to you wherever you need it, in record time.

Rubber Stamps

When you contact us you will find that we also provide you with a vast choice of rubber stamps for you to choose from. You will find self-inking Trodat rubber stamps, self-inking daters and traditional hand stamps. The stampers can also be produced in any shape and size that you require, whether it is oval, rectangle, square or in any other shape. Moreover, you can purchase the ink for the stamps, which comes in black, red, blue, green and violet.

Artwork Design Services

You can have your stamps done with any kind of logos that you wish for, in fact it can also include images, something that is a testament to how innovative our stamps are. If, however, you want us to take care of the designs as well, we offer artwork design so that your stamp of approval on a document will be official and professional every time.


Just like any other product, rubber stamps will need maintenance and this is yet another service that we provide. You can come to us when you feel that your stamp is not working as well as it should be. Our maintenance services also include regular changing of rubber plates and the stamp designs.

Free Delivery Service with Cash Payments

For the convenience of our clients we also provide them with free delivery services all over Malta and Gozo when paying by cash. In some cases we also might send the items by post if we think it might be more viable.